The RemoteLandlord Software has a full Accounts Payable system through which vendor invoices are paid. It enables you to age payables, supports recurring invoices, and provides for a streamlined payment process. The system maintains an advanced vendor database to facilitate easy posting of invoices, and all activity is coordinated throughout the software enabling a quick and easy bank reconciliation. Expenses can be allocated across properties, and you can easily check supporting documents by clicking on the invoice images. The Payables system was designed for Propery Management and has advanced features such as an approval process to support the varying levels of Administration.


The RemoteLandlord System will print MICR encoded checks on blank check stock, eliminating the need to keep separate checks for each bank account. As checks are printed, journal entries are posted accordingly, and all bank activity is coordinated making reconciliation incredibly easy.


A robust General Ledger provides enterprise class functionality specifically designed for Property Management. Accountants will appreciate the comprehensive reporting and ease of posting adjustments, while non-accountants will be able to generate their financial statements without any accounting background. All reports provide drill down capability so you can see where the numbers are coming from. Expenses can be tracked on both a building level and a property level, and multiple properties can be merged into an overall P&L. The system provides budget variance reports, and will allow you to compare accounting periods. Optional period locking prevents inadvertent modifications, and audit logs enable you to see who did what and when it was done.


The Bank Reconciliation module puts your Payables, Receivables and Journal Adjustments together, making it super easy to reconcile everything. Every payment made to a vendor, every deposit from a tenant, and every journal adjustment which impacts the bank account are listed, and by selecting the transactions which are part of the current bank statement, you can reconcile the system with your bank account. The system supports multiple bank accounts per property, and has a flexible chart of accounts which enables detailed expense and income reporting in the General Ledger module.


The Cash Receipts module processes all tenant payments and bank deposits. The system archives all check images so you can always click on a payment, and see the underlying document. The system supports multiple payment types, including checks, money orders, credit cards and electronic payments, and tracks which specific charges each payment is applied to. It provides an easy mechanism to allocate a subsidy or program payment among multiple tenants. You can easily search the check database to locate and view any check that was posted to the system, and then see how it was applied. All transactions update the General Ledger to provide accurate financial reporting.