The system also includes Section 8 payments management that allows you to allocate payments by source and then run reports to see what revenue is coming via the government and what revenue is coming via the tenants.



DHCR Support with our New York rent stabilization module which calculates the maximum allowed rent increases and generates the RTP-8 lease renewal form and NY riders. Preferential rent, MCI and Rent Reduction Orders all propagate to the appropriate forms, and the DHCR Module provides annual electronic filing as per DHCR guidelines. The system is regularly updated to keep current with DHCR regulations, and is automatically activated based on the property zip code.



When a resident calls for service, the system logs the request, and then assigns the work order to available staff. The system maintains a database of your workers and outside vendors, each with a list of competencies. Depending on the skills required, the system will suggest appropriate staff or vendors to get the repair done. A monitor dashboard screen shows the progress of work orders in real time, and all open work orders remain highlighted until they are closed. The system will produce work order statistics and reports, as well as worker productivity reports. The system will maintain an appointment book for your maintenance staff, and you can easily see who is working on what. The system tracks appliances and automates inspections so that work orders are automatically generated for any needed repairs.