The Tenant Manager module handles the day to day management of each tenant. At its heart is a tenant snapshot that tells you everything you need to know about the tenant, in one convenient place. The system tracks each rent component so it can automatically post all recurring charges and print invoices and statements. It will generate leases with increases as per the amount or formula you specify. It also provides an easy mechanism to charge late fees and any other fees or assessments you charge your tenants. It will track each payment received from the tenant, and will allow you to click on any payment and see an image of the check.



The tenant portal allows the tenant to retrieve their current balance, get a copy of their current rent bill, and enables them to make electronic payments via ACH or credit card. These payments are fully integrated with the system and are credited directly to their accounts. This saves Property Managers time, allows for quicker payment, and easier reconciliation. A configurable option also allows the tenant to initiate a service request.


The Prospect Tracker allows information about prospective tenants to be captured, and ensures that follow-ups are scheduled to maximize the prospect’s potential. The system produces customized letters, and reports show the effectiveness of sales efforts. When the tenant is ready to sign a lease, the data gets imported into the Tenant Manager module. The software provides a seamless transition from Leasing Agents to Property Managers.