Remote Landlord Systems Allows You To Collect Rent In A Number Of Ways

Property managers can’t be too picky on how they collect rent. Whether it’s physical forms of payments like checks, cash, and money orders or utilizing digital methods, property managers need a solution that can handle all payment types no matter what.

Remote Landlord Systems can do just that. Our tenant portal allows the tenant to retrieve their current balance, get a copy of their current rent bill, and enables them to make electronic payments via ACH or credit card. These payments are fully integrated with the system and are credited directly to their accounts. This saves Property Managers time, allows for quicker payment, and easier reconciliation.

With our Cash Receipts module we can processes all types tenant payments and bank deposits. The system archives all check images so you can always click on a payment, and see the underlying document. The system supports multiple payment types, including checks, money orders, credit cards and electronic payments, and tracks which specific charges each payment is applied to. It provides an easy mechanism to allocate a subsidy or program payment among multiple tenants. You can easily search the check database to locate and view any check that was posted to the system, and then see how it was applied.

Don’t be picky with payment type, just get paid!



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